Princess mary gift tin 1914 christmas

Princess mary gift tin 1914 christmas

Princess Mary's Christmas Gift was a brass tin filled with various gifts, were serving on Christmas Day were eligible to receive a gift tin. The Princess Mary Christmas gift box was a brass or silver tin containing a number of gifts In October , George V's year-old daughter, Mary, Princess Royal, launched an appeal to fund every member of the armed forces receiving a. York Castle Museum - Princess Mary's Christmas Gift. The result was the production of an embossed brass box containing gifts, which would also go to. Princess mary gift tin 1914 christmas

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One came from Newark Antiques Fair many moons ago, another came from a local auction where mine was the only bid, and the third came with a Princess mary gift tin 1914 christmas of medals. Any information on that? Become our sponsor and display your banner here.

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Princess Mary tin

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