Savory snacks for christmas gifts

Savory snacks for christmas gifts

Snacks, food gifts in a jar, cinnamon pretzels, fudge, candy and more—the ones that double as gifts, especially when you pair them with clever packaging ideas. Add a personal touch by making food gifts for Christmas presents right from your own kitchen. Make savory Cranberry-Pecan Cheese Wafers instead. With that in mind, we whipped up Christmas food gifts no one will be able to resist . Whether sweet Christmas cookie gifts or savory Christmas.
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  • With that in mind, we whipped up Christmas food gifts no one will be able...
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  • Snacks, food gifts in a jar, cinnamon pretzels, fudge, candy and more—the ones that double as gifts,...
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Fruitcake doesn't need to be the only spirit-soaked holiday gift. Infusing vodka at home couldn't be easier -- or tastier! It doesn't get more sophisticated than these French fruit jellies! Great things come in small packages! Vodka, citrus zest, spices like fennel seed and coriander, and the bitter root gentian Savory snacks for christmas gifts in a jar for a few weeks, resulting in a heady, complex flavor.

Mexican Hot Chocolate Mug Cake.

Savory snacks for christmas gifts -

Sweet Potato-Cranberry Scones with Molasses-Orange Butter These scones look great and travel well when tucked in a bowl wrapped up in a large 30 inches or more kitchen towel or pretty linen. Add a personal touch by making food gifts for Christmas presents right from your own kitchen. Use parchment or colored plastic wrap to package, or visit a crafts store for shiny, colorful foil squares.

Bake as directed, remove from oven, and immediately swirl the warm chocolate with a wooden pick. Peppermint Pinwheel Cookies Fill inexpensive metal containers from crafts stores with Peppermint Pinwheel Cookies for a gift your neighbors and friends will love.

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