Free printable christmas gift box templates

Free printable christmas gift box templates

This free printable gift box set includes a template for the top and bottom of the box, and three different design for the top and matching three. Learn how to make a paper gift box for a special DIY Christmas gift with this The example box in the video is actually my Free Mother's Day Paper Gift Box. Print the DIY Christmas Gift Box template with the title “Printable. Completely custom sized template for a Mailer Box Templates Printable Free, .. Box Templates, Christmas Printables, Christmas Templates, Craft Box, Gift.

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Hopefully my instructions make sense. Download my heart box template. Glue the areas shown in red above. Thank you so much for this post. Don't have pretty paper? All I can make these days is origami boats.

Free printable christmas gift box templates

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Free printable christmas gift box templates -

If not you can find similar instructions here , or here. I think I am done with my Christmas shopping…. Color the lid design to match your base. You will need to unzip the folder before you can use the pdfs. All you need to do is print and fold. Assemble the base by folding each side and attaching the glued panels.

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