A gift for christmas lifetime

A gift for christmas lifetime

The latest Lifetime holiday classic takes on the true meaning of Christmas: getting gifts people actually love. Personal shopper Gwen's new client Charlie is a workaholic, single father. Charlie likes things very simple, black suits, basic ties and thinks a mug is a perfe . Not to be confused with Hallmark's Christmas film of the same name, Lifetime's version features a busy executive who gets a Christmas gift she.

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On The Twelfth Day of Christmas 2015 ✰ Hallmark

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A gift for christmas lifetime -

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: A gift for christmas lifetime

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A gift for christmas lifetime

Upon her untimely death, a workaholic who never put much value into the joys of Christmas finds herself recruited to be a Christmas Angel -- and is assigned a hard luck case that she accidentally falls in love with.

Sophie Bennett, the owner, tries to convince a developer that the lodge would be a bad investment. Edit Details Official Sites: When a restless young married woman is granted a wish by a Christmas Angel to be single again, she soon discovers her new life isn't what she bargained for, and embarks on a quest A gift for christmas lifetime win her husband back.

Enchanted Christmas TV Movie When she learns Mitch's love for Christmas has drastically changed, she tries to bring his holiday spirits back by showing him the magic of Christmas. Marc Rehnquist A gift for christmas lifetime Mills

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