$50 unisex christmas gift ideas

$50 unisex christmas gift ideas

Browse through these unique Christmas gifts that are all under $ Native Union's JUMP cable ($50) is a charging cable and portable battery Moshi's Clearguard ($25) keyboard cover is a great gift for your. Get gift shopping out of the way before December even dawns with these cool $and-under gifts.

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$50 unisex christmas gift ideas -

Experienced travelers rave about this funky-looking travel pillow. This alarm clock gradually increases or decreases brightness to mimic the rising or setting of the sun, and includes six adjustable, natural sounds for a much more Zen experience. Perfect for kids or fun-loving adults, this unique utensil is the kitchen accessory you never knew you were missing in your life.

This speaker integrates with home voice-assistant technologies to bring you a fusion of smart-home seamlessness and high-tech tunes. Forget about braving mind-boggling brunch lines for a savory breakfast.

For your friend who is on a constant quest for self-improvement, this fitness and sleep tracker will be a high-tech aid for their goals du jour.

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2016 UNDER $50 Holiday Gift Guide + GIVEAWAY

A truly utilitarian travel $50 unisex christmas gift ideas, this all-in-one adapter brick is a must-pack item. The kit includes a stainless steel shaker, double jigger, cocktail strainer, stirrer, ice tongs, and comes housed in an attractive wooden stand. These in-ear, sweat proof earbuds are prefect for fitness buffs, runners, and any audiophile in your life.

This family-friendly version of the game comes complete with an illustrated set of cards, instructions, and hours of entertainment. These agate accessories add a pop of color to any room, and make the ideal gift for your roommate who has been using the same stack of magazines as coasters for the past $50 unisex christmas gift ideas months.

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$50 unisex christmas gift ideas -

Beats has become one of the most recognizable names in the headphones game as of late. For your outdoorsy friends or family members who want to stay connected while they commune with Mother Nature, this solar-powered charging bank is the perfect present.

Up your bar cart accessory game with this Sagaform wine carafe. These beautiful glasses come with freezable inserts to keep beverages cold for half an hour. This on-the-go espresso maker is downright adorable, as well as intuitive to use. With a hard-sided, semi-sphere outer shell, these carrier cases are a fun way to blast off about town with your furry companions.

The 9-inch by 9-inch rosewood frame makes a handsome addition to any desk, coffee table, or bookshelf.

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2016 Christmas Gift Guide For HIM under $50

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