Christmas gift card holders diy sweepstakes

Christmas gift card holders diy sweepstakes

Gift card giveaway products: If you are excited about gift card products (like Amazon gift card, Visa gift card, Walmart gift card etc), you will love this board!. Ken Wingard shows you how to make this amazing DIY Card Holder to place all your holiday cards Tray; Foamcore; Wire Clips; Cork; Christmas Ornaments. Sweepstakes ends at p.m. ET on November 21, One winner will get (i) a gift certificate redeemable for $5, in flooring products from Lumber.

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Put some fun into a greeting with vibrant card stock, die-cut trim, and rub-on letters. Thank you for this fantastic giveaway.

Red buttons serve as ornaments and a star-shape button becomes the shining topper in this tree-shape holder. Just cover the label and inside the tin with holiday-theme gift wrap.

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How to Make Christmas Gift Card Holder Ornaments

Christmas gift card holders diy sweepstakes

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Christmas gift card holders diy sweepstakes -

I want a bed, and bedding for my little girl and a computer for our family with a year of internet access. Thank you for the chance! Give gift cards extra value by packaging them in these cute paper pockets. A loop attached to the top of the tree wraps over the star button to secure the front cover.

Put some fun into a greeting with vibrant card stock, die-cut trim, and rub-on letters. What's on everyone's wish list these days?

: Christmas gift card holders diy sweepstakes

Christmas gift card holders diy sweepstakes

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Crazy-Quilted Mittens

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